A Christmas Message From Danny

For many in Winchester, Christmas is a time for festive fun, joy and laughter. Christmas 2021 will see Danny celebrate as the new Liberal Democrat candidate for Winchester! Danny understands that in contrast to the normal joy and festivities, for some Christmas can be a difficult time of year and he particularly wants to encourage anyone in his community feeling isolated or lonely to reach out to local support networks.

Events are available to attend, like Winchester Cathedrals 'Charity Chalet' allowing different charities to shine and promote their worthy cause. Other charities such as Trinity Winchester, who are available all year, support those who are vulnerable or homeless people in this difficult period including the Trinity Stocking appeal.

'This time of year I want to extend my Christmas whishes to the local community and wish them a very happy festive period. However, this time of year I often spend time thinking of those who find Christmas particularly difficult and want to take this opportunity to particularly extend my support to them. If you require help we have some wonderful local charities and services and I encourage anyone to use them who needs some community support this festive period.'

Veterinary Surgeon Danny Chambers spent last Christmas 2020 fundraising for charity and raising Christmas spirits alongside a group of passionate and comical veterinary professionals.

Danny, who is not afraid to join in and have some fun for charity helped raise thousands of pounds by helping organise a Christmas pantomime that was shared on Veterinary Voices UK, a private veterinary only Facebook group, that he is founder of.

Danny regularly engages and communicates effectively with the 15,000 members of the veterinary profession and decided that Christmas 2020, following a hard year with the COVID-19 pandemic, that his online veterinary community needed some jovial fun and laughter. The pantomime helped raise many smiles and laughter and the money raised went towards a veterinary mental health charity to help support those in need 24/7.

Danny cares passionately about mental health, and has been a huge advocate for mental health awareness and services in his constituency, nationally and within his veterinary community.  Danny is a huge advocate for the NHS in providing essential and lifesaving mental health services that have been so crippled by the Conservative government.

Danny wishes everyone a wonderful Christmas and for those struggling asks that they don't suffer alone. The Winchester community is available and help can also be sought on 116 123 (Samaritans).

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