Introducing Danny Chambers

Danny Chambers is a veterinary surgeon who works locally in Hampshire and the surrounding areas.

Danny is also the trustee of a mental health charity and has campaigned on various animal welfare and mental health issues  for many years.

Danny has spent much of his career teaching students in the vet school of the University of Bristol. He sits on the Council of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons - the regulatory body for the UK veterinary profession.

Danny is passionate about global public health and poverty alleviation. He has been worked on rabies eradication and livestock improvement programmes in Iraq, India, The Gambia and Morocco. 

Supporting the community

Winchester will be on of the first bricks to fall from the Blue Wall, but Winchester requires a well-organised, energetic campaign with an exciting, approachable and passionate candidate who can reach out across the entire constituency.

Danny challenges the Conservative immoral policies as a campaigner for mental health and animal welfare. He can provide a credible and strong alternative for those who feel the Conservative government does not represent their values.

Danny will put his people before party politics, standing up for farmers, local businesses, the NHS and local families. Danny can connect people across the political spectrum to encourage fresh, sincere and straight talking politics with honesty, transparency, kindness and compassion at the heart of his agenda.

“When I am out and about speaking to people in Winchester and the surrounding areas, I hear the same message back - people feel let down by the Conservatives, who have taken their vote for granted. I will work hard to give people who have been let down, a real alternative”

Danny will be the hard-working MP that people in Winchester can be proud of.

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