Danny helps highlight the UK veterinary crisis

Danny The Vet 

Vets are no strangers to pressure, but Covid and the huge boom in pets means they have never been busier – or experienced so much stress

Danny recently spoke to The Guardian about the current plight of the UK veterinary profession, “I’d sum it up in two words,” he says. “Exhaustion and burnout.

"Poor mental health is a long-term issue within the veterinary community. Vets have a suicide rate four times higher than the national average and twice as high as other healthcare professionals."

"The reasons for this are complicated and it is not, as is sometimes assumed, due to the stress or sorrow of having to routinely put animals to sleep."


It’s part of a perfect storm in which staff shortages due to the pandemic and Brexit have collided with a massively increased workload.

The high emotional stakes, the staff shortages, the cost of treatment, the stress of the pandemic… it’s all leading to an increase of abuse towards veterinary staff. Almost six in 10 vets experienced some form of intimidation on the job in 2020, according to the BVA, an increase of 10% on the previous year. Vet nurses and receptionists often bear the brunt of it.

Danny Chambers, a vet and mental-health campaigner, runs the Veterinary Voices Facebook group, which has more than 15,000 members. “I’d sum it up in two words,” he says. “Exhaustion and burnout.”

We understand having a sick animal is very stressful, but please be kind to your vet.

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