Danny Champions Animal Welfare

It appears that without scientists at the helm, our current government continually fail to see the true impact of their actions. Danny Chambers, Winchesters Liberal Democrat candidate and Veterinary Surgeon with a masters in veterinary infectious disease control has a much boarder knowledge when it comes to the implications of policy implemented. Having worked on one health, public health and animal health programs all over the world, Danny knows how interlinked animal health and welfare is to our own health. 

In this article Danny highlights that the Governments rush to secure a trade deal, following the failure of the ‘oven ready Brexit’ the Conservative government promised, has seen the UK people put at risk by sacrificing our high welfare standards. Despite promising that the trade negotiations and deals wouldn’t compromise the environmental protection and animal welfare and food standards, the recent deal as shown a very disturbing U-Turn on this promise. 

Danny is not only concerned for the welfare of the animals that the US produces, which is something that should not be downplayed, but also for the health of the UK and his constituents. With US using five times more antibiotics than the UK in their farming, which could be contributing to the global threat of antimicrobial resistance. Danny also notes that this deal has very real implications for the protection of our environment and threat of global warming with increased air miles, food from higher energy-intense methods creating more greenhouse emissions, something many of us want to avoid. 

Danny will continue to be a advocate for scientific evidence-based decisions in government policy, knowing that many policies put in place can have profound and negative impacts on the UK and global health. 

Animal welfare - another of this government's sacrificial lambs? - West Country Bylines 

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