Danny speaks against tax on carers

On ITV's 'The Last Word', Danny Chambers spoke up about how the Conservative's unfair plan to end free COVID-19 testing is a effectively 'tax on carers'. Danny explained that "learning to live with Covid does not mean simply pretending it has magically disappeared". He continued, "this is a cavalier approach which will cost lives unnecessarily'.
Danny firmly believes that issues such as this only add to the urgency of getting more scientists into parliament, as the full implications of these changes on our society, especially those in a caring profession, are not being fully considered. He believes that it is naïve to think this will not impact our most vulnerable.  

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This week, the British Medical Journal said that removing free access to Covid-19 tests is ‘incomprehensible.’
This is a cavalier approach which will cost lives unnecessarily.
Getting rid of free lateral flow tests will hit the lowest paid the hardest. Many low paid workers are in caring roles, such as home carers or hospital porters, who work with many clinically high risk and elderly people every day.
Those who cannot afford regular Covid-19 tests will be worried about visiting vulnerable relatives, which will make many people more lonely, and act as a barrier for family and friends getting together. We must stop this tax on caring.
Ministers are happy to waste billions of taxpayers’ money on useless PPE, to write off billions in fraudulent loans, but are penny-pinching when it comes to providing people with vital Covid tests.

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