If I lied and broke the rules in my job as a vet, I would get struck off - Boris Johnson must be held to account

Speaking in the Commons, leader of the Liberal Democrats, Sir Ed Davey, referenced comments made by parliamentary candidate for Winchester and Chandler's Ford, Danny Chambers, in what was an impassioned speech. 

Mr Chambers said: "MPs did the right thing by standing up to Boris Johnson in Parliament. He will now be investigated into whether he deliberately misled parliament about his attendance at rule breaking parties. 

"If I lied and broke the rules in my job as a vet, I would get struck off. Yet for some reason, the Prime Minister thinks he can just break the law, lie about it, and carry on as nothing happened. 

"People in Hampshire are angry. Every day I hear stories from people here who made heartbreaking sacrifices during lockdowns, from missing funerals of their loved ones, to not visiting lonely relatives for months on end.   

"The country cannot afford a Prime Minister who is spending all his time and energy trying to save his own career instead of dealing with the cost-of-living crisis that will affect so many families.  

"Johnson has taken the British people for fools for far too long, and it’s time for our Conservative MPs to show that they are willing to stand up for honesty and integrity in public life. They need to force him out. Boris Johnson needs to go."

Read here: https://rb.gy/cokial

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