More scientists needed in parliament


If the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us anything it is that our country needs more scientists at the helm - those who can use evidence-based decisions, that understand about disease, endemics, pandemics, risk factors and the environmental implications of our growing population. Danny Chambers is just one of those scientists who could make evidence based decisions and campaign to ensure the health and welfare of the people within his community.

Danny writes for New Scientist magazine, is a trustee of the evidence-based medicine charity RCVS knowledge, and has worked on public health and veterinary projects in India, Iraq and The Gambia. Danny has been campaigning for a number of years to improve animal health and welfare and promote environmental concerns and the need for climate change action, promoting greener initiatives and educating on the risk of pandemics. Danny regularly writes about important topics such as evidenced based medicine, the necessity to make changes to environmental policy to help stem global warming, and about human and animal health and welfare.

Our current Conservative government have been laggard in their response to climate change and have failed to meet even the basic and minimal targets they set themselves. Danny aims to change this by setting realistic but impactful targets, as well as ensuring his local community have the ability to be greener by campaigning for better public transport, new cycling infrastructure and more electric vehicle charging points.

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