It time to do the honourable thing: Boris Johnson must go.

Boris Johnson To resign
"We all have painful memories of that lockdown, from not being able to see dying relatives, to being separated for months on end from our friends and family."
Boris Johnson held parties during lockdown and then he lied about them to the public and to Parliament.
All Conservative MPs should be calling on him to resign, not supporting him.
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Danny speaks about pet welfare: 'They just want to be happy day by day'

Pet Welfare
“Animals don’t have a desire to live a long life, they don’t want to make it to Christmas or someone’s birthday or to be 10 years older. They just want to be happy day by day.”
“I hope people don’t feel guilty for not being wealthy enough to try advanced procedures when the reality is that pets are quite happy when given the best treatment you can afford.”
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New figures show astonishing £521 cut to pupil funding in Hampshire

New figures show an astonishing funding cut of £521 per child for education in Hampshire. This works out at tens of thousands of pounds per school.
“This funding cut is an utter disgrace. The Conservative Government is letting families and children in Hampshire down - they deserve much better than this"
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Danny joins hiking group that aims to get the profession ‘out and about’ for mental health


Veterinary Voices Hiking Group has been set up by RVN Robyn Lowe and vets Paul Horwood and Danny Chambers to “get the profession out and about”.

It was inspired by the trio’s Snowdonia fund-raising trek in September 2021 and encourages veterinary professionals to reach out and post local walks and meets, with the aim of creating a supportive community.

Hiking group aims to get profession ‘out and about’ for mental health | Vet Times

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