We need to stop electing politicians who don't believe in science

Danny uses his extensive social media platform to call for greater urgency in dealing with climate change.

'The science has been clear for decades - we need to take urgent action. Unfortunately our Parliament has been full of politicians who don't understand the science, or don't care enough to prioritise it.'

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Fighting for UK Farmers

Danny Chambers highlights the damage UK trade deal with Australia could do to UK farmers by undercutting our current animal welfare standards.

Danny wrote:

'The Trade Deal with Australia may only be worth up to 0.02% of our GDP, but the impact on our farming and animal welfare standards could be huge.
UK are farmers proud to have among the highest animal welfare standards in the world.
The majority of Conservative MPs have repeatedly voted not to protect our current animal welfare and farming standards.

Forcing the UK farming industry to compete with low-welfare imports will be bad for the environment, bad for animals and bad for UK farmers who take pride in their work.'

Sign Danny's petition to keep our current animal welfare and farming standards here:

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