Supporting #BiteIntoBritish

Danny grew up on a livestock farm, and helped with the workings of the farm from a young age. Now a Veterinary Surgeon with a masters in Veterinary Epidemiology he has an deep understanding of the intricate connections between the quality of the food we produce and eat and our own health.

There have been a number of instances when Danny has advocated a more scientific approach to politics, having historically warned of the need to tackle climate change, of the public health risk of antimicrobial resistance and global pandemics (months before anyone had even heard of COVID-19) and how the quality and location our food is reared and purchased from may impact the health of our community.

Previously, Danny has noted that the Australian and USA trade deals may not only be damaging and undermine British farming industry, which has consistently had much higher welfare standards and much lower use of antibiotics in comparison to the USA, but also that the deals also signify the lack of concern for reducing climate change and global warming. Australia has been called ‘laggard’ in its response to global warming action, and while animals also face lower welfare controls that in the UK, with much greater herd sizes, the British farming industry will be faced with undue pressure in the global market. The unstable and ever-changing rules due to our EU exit also adds pressure and uncertainly to our future in exporting our quality produce.

Therefore, Danny is fully supporting the #BiteIntoBritish campaign to promote better welfare standards whilst reducing air miles for more rigorous climate change action. Danny advocates for produce that supports local farmers and has not been intensively farmed with high antibiotic usage, increases the threat of antimicrobial resistance.

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